Regarding the article “Tour takers see the wood from the trees” (The Daily Astorian, Sept. 6):

The tour bus failed to make one important stop – a visit to one of the many impacted homes on Westerlund’s haul route. The noise and traffic from a day of full-swing trucking are nearly intolerable. Equally remarkable are the peace and tranquility when it ends.

I’m in full agreement with the economic value of the wood products industry. It is essential for the county’s financial health. As are the protection and safeguarding of the communities we live in.

That is why Westerlund’s entire operation belongs at the Port of Astoria. Isn’t that the reason industrial areas are located where people don’t live? The Port commissioners should make this their top priority. If more tax money is needed, so be it. It would be money well spent. The current situation is unacceptable.

I have my own message for community leaders:

The purpose of economic development should be to enhance the local community, not to degrade. Sacrificing the livability and value of so many homes for the Port’s success is neither reasonable, normal or equitable.


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