Thank you, Scott Beckstead for “Taking a stand for sea lions” (The Daily Astorian, April 2). It seems we are at risk of becoming a nation of greed and violence.

The sea lions are eating our dinner and robbing us of our livelihood? As with the Native Americans, weren’t they here first? That their population is increasing – what of the population of the human race, and the increasing number of fishermen?

There are those who believe that everything on this planet is here for the use of the human race. We can strip the land, feast on all that is edible and destroy anything that is not useful to us. We can remake our planet to serve our wants instead of our needs.

Well, the sea lions, I’ve heard say, just eat the tastiest part of the salmon and discard the rest. How wasteful of them. Surely, some other life form will not let the remainder go to waste. As humans, do we eat an entire animal? It appears that the privileged of us eat the filet, and leave the remainder of the creature for those who can afford less. And for those who cannot, there is always the pink slime.

The most exasperating fact about sea lions is that they outsmart us. The traps don’t work, the pellets make them laugh, and despite the trauma of branding them, they persist. What nerve.

So just blast them out of the water. That’ll show ’em who’s boss.