The editor's conclusion that the terrible messes that we are in came about during the last eight years is very much wrong ("The giant awakens," The Daily Astorian, Nov. 6).

First, George Bush very much erroneously extended the home lending policies first advocated and implemented by Bill Clinton.

Second, in 1999, Clinton signed the Commodities Regulation and Reform act that admittedly was sponsored primarily by the Republican majorities.

Third, it was Barack Obama's recently named chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, who coordinated the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement for Bill Clinton through the ranks of Democrats that were opposed to it. Millions of good paying jobs were out-sourced as a result of NAFTA. It is the lack of good paying jobs in the final analysis that is the underlying factor in the current financial crisis.

Fourth, both parties are responsible for the lack of an energy policy that left us so dependent on foreign oil since 1973. The lack of an energy policy has led to two wars and to Sept. 11, in that Sept. 11 was instigated by radical Muslims who wanted no more American influence in the Middle East.

Fifth, both parties are responsible for the lack of adequate campaign finance reform that allows so much influence peddling in our government. Not to mention the loss of the common citizen's voice.

The author of this article who proclaims that "adults are in charge now" is obviously a Democrat, which really matters not to me, after all we are free to make our choices as to party affiliation.

We do have, as well, a free press, and he is entitled to express his or her thoughts. But it would seem to me that anyone with a bit of intelligence wouldn't want to embarrass themselves as the author did by expressing such ignorance with the assumption that the readers of such an article would be equally ignorant.

Leonard Skreba

Cannon Beach

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