Washington, Oregon, the Northwest, people of the U.S.: Have you ever thought what government money is? Where does it come from? It comes from you. It’s your money. It is supposed to take care of soldiers, the president, Congress, and it is put there by all of us taxpayers.

The interest we are supposed to be adding to those sums of money are used for the maintenance of everything needed for this country, our armed forces, our building roads, bridges, etc., as needed. Not with the highest prices paid – as they seem to do now, according to certain Congress people – but by Congress people who do as we hardworking people do, keep our maintenance and households as frugally as possible. Entitlements are things we the people have paid for.

So many times I see the ones handling the money, starting with the president, and spending thousands, millions and billions on something without asking our representatives, who should be guarding that money. Also, allowing people to steal money – banks, offshore accounts – and not making them accountable.

People should keep their hands off (I mean Congress) Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. We put that money in it and it’s ours. I come from a large family, and most of them died without getting very much return.

It’s about time people started something: If we have programs for those who put the money in, it’s about time we get it back as planned. Stop trying to discontinue our programs we paid for, Congress.

Eilleen Hawkins

Naselle, Wash.


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