I recently attended a meeting between Columbia River fishermen and Northern Star concerning the liquefied natural gas heavy industry proposed for Bradwood.

I don't claim to speak for any of the residents of Clifton, but this is what I saw from my seat. I saw men who were born on the river, have lived and worked on the river all their lives, resign themselves to the fact that this project will be one more nail in the salmon's coffin, and that they are going to lose their homes, fishing warehouses, docks and a way of life that dates back over 100 years.

I heard them talk about what has happened to their river, how years of dredging and adapting the river for larger and larger ships has all but destroyed the salmon runs and a fishing way of life. I heard them politely ask for various buyouts - as if you can put a price on a person's way of life that is as deep and meaningful as the river itself.

What do we get for their sacrifice?

Two to three hazardous tankers a week (per each terminal), 40 more years of dependence on foreign, nonrenewable sources of energy and heavy industrial tank farms along the beautiful river shore. Also, the risk of massive fire in a one-mile radius from wherever the tankers are at the time (don't worry, the chance is small) and an open door for more heavy industry, completely destroying our peaceful way of life on the lower Columbia River.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot - 200 to 300 temporary construction jobs and 50 permanent jobs. Did I mention the people of Puget Island, who live four-tenths of a mile away, in the shadow of all this and will live in constant awareness of danger while their home values plummet?




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