This letter is in response to an opinion written and published in The Daily Astorian, July 12, “Right and wrong.” The author wrote a rather disjointed observation that included slavery, abortion, natural law, Gods’ law and gay marriage while quoting Thomas Jefferson. I believe the author was really focusing on gay marriage, and I would like to extend my opinion.

We live in a democracy that allows for its citizens to make decisions freely, good or bad, within the law. If you are (or have spoken to) a historian of Thomas Jefferson, you would know that Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence as a living document that could be altered to fit a changing society and its needs.

The Bible, likewise, is considered the living word of God, or there would be no theologians studying and offering new insight into God’s holy message or changes within the structure of religious organizations and their doctrine. One would still be considered a heretic for professing the world round instead of flat.

Historians and theologians have identified two harmful opponents to civility and religion:?Bigotry and prejudice. Jefferson wrote that God granted us freedoms that government cannot take away. Christ commanded that we love our neighbor as ourselves and to forgive. As Americans we are to respect the law as it equates to individual freedoms. Christians are commanded by Christ to love and not transgress our neighbors.

This United States of America was built on freedom and choice. Don’t like gay marriage? Don’t have one, or attend if you are invited. If you do not want to make cupcakes for my gay wedding, don’t, and I will spend my money elsewhere.

All that is asked is to respect my right as an American, to legally protect the person I love and the family God allowed us to create. Do not attempt to limit my legal right of marriage because of your narrow definitions, misunderstanding or your church’s understanding of matrimony.

For now, I pray that minds are open and hearts softened. I also pray that we, as a nation, can truly be one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.


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