I find that I, along with many others of us who live here at the mouth of the mighty Columbia, are quite upset at the outrageous "mouth" piece who so glibly tarnishes restaurants' reputations without a seemingly sensible common sense at all.

I saw the letter in the Chinook Observer by Robert "the mouth trap" Crump of Edgerite Knife Sharpeners ("Let customers be the judges when it comes to restaurants," March 23). I spoke to Bob and told him I was going to go to the Gearhart Junction Cafe personally to try the slandered sandwich for myself.

I have long enjoyed chicken fried steak dinners, and thought that a sandwich with this piece of meat would be very good. This is a sandwich right out of the Midwest. U.S. of A.

So March 26 I drove over to the cafe and had one. And it was fabulous.

Now, I am not a cook. But my wife died more than a year ago, so I eat a lot of sandwiches. In restaurants all over the Long Beach (Wash.) Peninsula, Astoria, Warrenton and down the coast. Last week, the Seattle and Everett, Wash., areas. Earlier this week, the Portland and Gresham areas.

I have never had a better sandwich - anywhere.

I will admit I had a couple of complaints. But I told the cook, not the general public.

First, the steak was way too big for the hamburger bun used in the sandwich. It stuck out an inch or two all the way around the sandwich. I had to eat it back to the bun before I could tackle the bun and the meat, lettuce, onion and tomato. I complained to the cook.

Second, the fries were so hot I had to eat half a sandwich before I could begin on them. Oh yes, one other thing: I love ketchup on my fries, and the young lady waiting on me had it there before the platter with my lunch was set before me. But I never got to it. There was, on the edge of that platter, a small cereal bowl of gravy for dipping my fries in. It was so good I never got to the ketchup. I complained to the cook - not the general public.

Buddy, what in the ever-lovin' blue-eyed world is your problem?


Grace Family Fellowship

Seaview, Wash.


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