It's a no brainer that the Calpine Corp. does not belong here.

This "harmless" lease agreement was made without public notice by our public officials, because they knew full well the public would notice and protest loudly. How dare they. It is an outright betrayal. I am tired of government officials not being straight with us. There is way too much of this happening with elected officials these days.

I ask you, as a longtime and lonely whistle-blower, when are we sheep going to bleat in larger numbers together? Let's wake up people. Do your homework; read about Calpine's intentions and history. A few family-wage jobs are not worth the price we will pay for a blight like this on our beautiful and beloved river. I'll be darned if I'm going let Astoria become a future wasteland without taking a stand against it.

Shame on you, Port of Astoria, for even entertaining this idea. You should terminate the lease now and move on to something else.

Theda Spracklin



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