Regarding the relentless propaganda machine of the Bradwood Landing created by their corporate spin masters with non-stop advertising in your newspaper, expensive mailings to the public, and so on; herewith a quote from Al Gore's book, The Assault on Reason:

"In an age of propaganda, education itself can become suspect. When ideology is so often woven into the 'facts' that are delivered in fully formed and self-contained packages, people naturally begin to develop some cynicism about what they are being told. When people are subjected to ubiquitous and unrelenting mass advertising, reason and logic often begin to seem like they are no more than handmaidens for the sophisticated sales force."

So that your excellent newspaper does not continue to be a handmaiden to the LNG cannonball, it might behoove you to no longer print the artist's rendering of how wonderful the liquefied natural gas terminal will look at Bradwood Landing. The rendering is nothing more than a sham.

Robin Davey