I watched a story on KATU TV news about our coastal communities' earthquake preparedness, Seaside being the focus of this particular newscast.

My concern is that our town has tidal wave sirens located throughout the city, but none on the Prom, and when the sirens did go off, they would not be heard from the beach. Also, when a siren goes off, it would take a person 20 minutes to get from the beach to higher ground. That is a lot of time when you are considering someone's safety.

For a town that relies so much on tourism, and also has a lot of local people who like to walk on the beach, why don't we protect the valuable asset of tourists and also our local residents more by placing these sirens on the prom? Sure, if there were sirens on the prom, if they went off, they would blow someone's ears out, but wouldn't that be better than someone not being able to escape a tidal wave?

Marilyn Harrison