Thank you for publishing Maureen Dowd's article ("The nun's story isn't a pretty one," The Daily Astorian, Oct. 27). As a former Catholic who attended Catholic schools from first grade through college, I accepted without question what I was taught. Rarely did I hear Christ's message to love one another. Instead, I was indoctrinated with beliefs about sin, hell, purgatory, limbo - all church doctrine to make us toe the line.

Finally, in 1970, I was "saved" by the women's movement and will be forever grateful.

The former president of India, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, wrote: "It is one of the major tragedies of the world that the great religions, instead of uniting mankind in mutual understanding and goodwill, divide mankind by their dogmatic claims and prejudices."

It seems to me that church leaders need to re-read the Gospels and pray for enlightenment if the "great" religions are to survive.



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