I would agree that planning for a passenger train operating on the Portland to Astoria rail line is something to consider as a possible solution to future transportation needs. ("Retaining L&C train is a practical goal," The Daily Astorian, June 6)

Currently Washington County is trying to get final approval from the FTA for such an operation running from Wilsonville to Beaverton using equipment similar to what is currently operating on the L&C train. With continued growth along the Route 30 corridor traffic to and from Portland will soon be as bad as I-5 or U.S. Highway 26. To expect that the current operation on this rail line is capable of relieving some of this traffic at a cost advantage and reducing green house gasses is not realistic. Such benefits would require improvements in track and equipment costing millions of dollars.

If there is any real interest in the future of passenger train operation now is the time to start real planning efforts by the government officials who represent the people of this area. Unsubstantiated comments suggesting that there are any real benefits to operating a slow sight-seeing train are not going to help.

Donald Maywald



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