Shortly after World War II, Joe McGinis and his brother, and their Portland construction company, cleared the right-of-way through timber behind Cannon Beach that allowed U.S. Highway 101 to be relocated out of town

Since the early 1950s, traffic on Highway 101 has been passing Cannon Beach without encountering impediments. There are no stop signs, no crosswalks, no traffic lights. Yet those who wish to go to Cannon Beach still go there.

That arrangement has worked well for Cannon Beach and it would work well for Seaside. Highway 101 needs to be relocated out of Seaside. Simply making the road wider fails to address the problems associated with traffic conjestion.

A highway placed where it belongs needs neither traffic lights nor cross-walks.

If for some reason the highway cannot be relocated out of Seaside, where it belongs, then we should exercise that good common sense that leaves bad enough alone. It will help in this connection, by the way, to keep one's eye on the ball. A road is the subject of this discussion, not some bureaucratic offer of easy money.

Jack Dennon



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