Fellow citizens of Clatsop County, let's not be victimized by Madison Avenue hype and faulty mathematics. Contrary to what has been mailed to our homes in a slick folder presentation, we do not need a college campus move to Warrenton.

Instruction has been going on as usual at the present site in Astoria, and students continue to learn with excellent preparation for entrance into a four-year university or a vocation of their choice.

Don't be taken in by the promise of "free" land. Infrastructure demands and cost overruns always result in more money than projected. The advertised "33 cents per $1,000 assessed property value" for the proposed bond omits mentioning that this supposed sum is in addition to the money that is already taxed to each household in the county. You do the math.

In Astoria we have restored the Liberty Theater, the Hotel Elliott and buildings along the waterfront such as Doc's on 12th Street. Recently, the front page of Coast Weekend featured a local man in the process of restoring the Hildebrand Building. The preservation societies and the historical commissions of all the cities in our area have been responsible for preserving the historical character of our county. Our community college is worthy of the same consideration.

Money is already available, through funds borrowed by the college (funds for which we taxpayers are now responsible), to make needed building repairs and to install upgrades to labs, classrooms, offices and handicapped access at the present campus location.

Let's not let developers, slavering for the present site in Astoria, make money at our expense. Let's vote "no" on another unneeded college bond proposal.




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