I have spent time getting educated on Syria. It seems there is a left-right-center coalition that opposes an attack.

I just got off the phone with a gentleman from Suzanne Bonamici’s office. I asked if she had decided whether she would oppose President Obama’s move to attack Syria as reprisal for someone’s chemical weapon attack. She had not decided.

I asked if it is true that the calls and emails they are getting are heavily opposed to an attack. He confirmed that there were a lot of calls expressing opposition, and then stated that he receives calls “on all sides of issues” (does that sound like a politician?). He advised that they do not disclose the numbers of calls constituents make on any issue, however the Congresswoman is kept informed.

I stated that the people who vote in Clatsop County expect their leaders to act on the voters’ behalf, not on behalf of the people (read: party leaders) who finance and pay for their elections. We in Clatsop County have proven that by forcing David Wu to come out against liquefied natural gas (LNG), and by changing the county commissioners. 

I asked to pass the message onto Bonamici that I am serious, and the people of Clatsop County are serious about having their positions honored. If I am correct, Bonamici needs to hear from the folks in Clatsop County that we are opposed to another war. If I am wrong, then we will have another war to pay for. 


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