The following is a response to an invitation to a party for supporters and friends of the Calpine Skipanon Natural Gas Facility. The invitation was sent to local businesses and a database of supporters by John Compere, community liaison for the Skipanon Natural Gas Facility.

Dear John,

Thanks for your kind invitation to the Calpine barbecue this Saturday. I will not be attending. I do not support siting an LNG plant in the Columbia River estuary.

I am convinced that having LNG terminals in Warrenton will be detrimental to the overwhelming majority of the residents in the area. Negative impacts of such terminals include degraded air and water quality, disruption of recreational and commercial uses of the Columbia River estuary, safety considerations because of current underfunded police, fire and healthcare facilities in the area and net negative impact on the fiscal health of Clatsop County and the cities of Warrenton and Astoria.

As you know, the area is undergoing a transformative renaissance. Property values are increasingly based on an immigration of retirees and second home buyers. The much-publicized "livability" of the area is centered on the relatively unspoiled nature of the Columbia River estuary. While our beautiful portion of the Columbia River has not changed, what has changed is rising property values. For the first time, it makes economic sense for folks to invest in our area. LNG terminals will degrade perceived "livability" of the area and negatively impact property values.

The handful of "family wage" jobs and the ballyhooed $5 million per year promised for the city of Warrenton is peanuts compared to the loss of potential property tax revenues to Clatsop County.

Calpine's marketing campaign raises suspicions. The strategy of using mass media repeating false statements has worked well for the petrochemical industry and its minions in Washington, D.C. "Safe, clean and needed" is false advertising.

Any rational person knows that shipping highly explosive, supercooled liquid petroleum gas thousands of miles, unloading and processing it in a tsunami hazard zone and pumping natural gas through pipelines in an area subject to periodic subduction earthquakes cannot be considered safer than not doing it.

To my knowledge, Calpine has not publicized the nature of pollution that the terminal would produce. It has been reported that some sort of waiver will be requested from the Department of Environmental Quality and Environmental Protection Agency. In any case, any pollution will be more than we currently have at the proposed sites. I call that "dirty."

As to "needed," life is fine here, thank you. I don't need natural gas. In fact, I do not use it. Even if I did use natural gas, there is no prospect that in the future, it will be less expensive because of LNG development.

Risky, dirty and not needed is the truth.

Those ubiquitous yellow and black lawn signs that say "LNG works for us" should more accurately say "We work for LNG."

The false and misleading marketing claims lead one to suspect that there are no real benefits to LNG. I suspect that your company is trying to pull a fast one on us.


Astoria Real Estate