The writer of a letter to the editor ("Appalled," The Daily Astorian, July 22) wrote, "I insist that this inexcusable behavior be rectified immediately" concerning the boxes and "Dumpsters" on Duane Street. She must not have been told that those are cardboard recycling bins, not Dumpsters.

There is no alley to hide the bins and space is not easily found at either business. Deals Only also does a service to this area by neatly stacking the clean empty banana boxes next to the building so that people who are moving and need them may take these boxes. JoAnn's also has a bin out the back door for recycling and some of those flattened boxes are removed for moving as well.

Her concern that the Hotel Elliott and Liberty Theater are just around the corner of this "distasteful picture" is understandable.

There is no other place that I can see for these two merchants to discard used cardboard containers, other than behind their stores in the bins provided for that purpose, so what would she have them do differently? She has written to imperiously "insist" on immediate rectification of this situation but has not brought forth a solution. Who can find a better way - that is also economical for these merchants - to handle the copious amounts of cardboard than what is already being done?

I am a happy customer of both merchants and fine with the bins.