I live on Smith Point where all the sewer construction is going on and there is an abundance of traffic.

On Sept. 24, as I returned from my walk, I had the misfortune of falling on my head in my own driveway, sustaining contusions and abrasions that bled profusely. As I sat there wondering how to attract someone to help me (yelling is no good because of all the noise). While blood ran down my sorry face, in two minutes, three wonderful ladies who were driving by stopped in the lane of traffic, parked on the sidewalk (currently our only parking area) and thankfully came to my aid.

One lady's daughter saw me fall and told her mom, who promptly stopped to assist. In the hurry of calling my husband, and the confusion of stopping the bleeding, etc., I failed to get their names or contact information.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of them greatly for their willingness to take the immense effort to get to me, help curb the bleeding and assist me in getting to a chair before I passed out.

A huge thank-you to these three Good Samaritans. You made my day for sure. How kind of you to assist me in this messy situation.

I'd love to know who you are. People may contact me at 325-1200 or at konimom@georgefoxalum.org

Only in small towns like Astoria do people care about their fellow citizens this much. Kudos and blessings upon each of you.




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