It has been nearly two years since Kathy Sanders was elected a port commissioner. In that short time, many positive changes have occurred, and Sanders has played an important role in making those changes happen.

She has delivered on her campaign promises to bring transparency, accountability, credibility, and fiscal responsibility to the operations of the Port.

But, unfortunately, at the Port of Astoria, no good deed goes unpunished. Sanders has recently been criticized for being forthright in insisting that the port steer clear of practices and behaviors that led it down the slippery slope in the past.

We believe strongly that rather than being criticized, Sanders ought to be applauded for her dedication, integrity, and common sense. We are fortunate to have someone like Sanders, who is willing to do the hard, frequently thankless, work of being a port commissioner.

And there is much hard work to be done. We look forward to the day when everyone involved in the operations and management of the Port of Astoria will put aside petty differences and cooperate in the necessary re-building and re-vitalizing of the port.

Barry and Lise Plotkin