Something to consider regarding the beautiful and historic Grand Old College that sits proudly up on the hill overlooking Astoria:

In 1995, Harvard University celebrated the 275th birthday of its oldest building Massachusetts Hall. The building was built in 1720, and during the Revolutionary War sheltered soldiers of the Continental Army. Amazingly, it is still being used today.

Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, still uses its oldest buildings every single day, some dating back to 1712.

And the present Guildhall in London was begun in 1411 and, having survived both the Great Fire of London and the Blitz, it dates from before 1666 and is still in full use today.

I am certain all of these magnificent buildings would have been razed and replaced by ugly modern architecture had it not been for people who believe that historical buildings can continue to be useful as well as beautiful for a very long time.

Ashleigh Talbot



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