The largest marine mammal slaughter in the world, the annual Canadian Seal Hunt, is about to begin. Nearly 300,000 baby fur seals will be cruelly bludgeoned (or worse) to death. There is no excuse for this barbaric practice, or any other, except to line the wallets of a few people.

For years, many people, businesses and organizations worldwide have supported a boycott of Canadian seafood in an effort to raise awareness of this issue. The boycott has been very effective in raising global awareness. The European Parliament just voted in favor of a ban on trade in seal products and Russia is following suit with a similar ban.

This year, a brave Canadian senator, Mac Harb, has introduced a bill that would forever end the hunt. He needs help, however, in the form of e-mails and letters, to get this bill passed.

If you to go to or, you can read more about this grisly practice. Take 30 seconds to sign an online petition, send an e-mail or perhaps take the time to write a personal letter. You can also find there which companies are still supporting Canadian seafood, and urge them to support the boycott until the hunt is ended. We are their voice.

Rita Smith, director

Jackie Beerger, co-director

Katy Gallagher, chairwoman

River Song Foundation, Advocates for Animals and People