Thanks from Big Bird ("Big Bird flies home with volunteer of the year award," The Daily Astorian, Jan. 30).

Thanks to all who recognize my deeds. And a very special thanks from me to all who contributed to "our" accomplishments. Awards are humbling. Surely an award given to one person is to be shared by all who help make it possible? Just like a winning team that brings pride to an entire community. Please share and cheer with me the fact that the Lower Columbia Youth Soccer Association is an absolutely wonderful volunteer organization with unbelievable community support.

It takes thousands of contributors' time and money to build soccer fields, organize soccer camps and stage soccer games. I'm thrilled to be part of LCYSA's accomplishments. To borrow a quote from a dear collaborator, "it is a classic example of what grassroots volunteers can accomplish over a period of time." My roots go deep, they're healthy and I'm on board for a long time to come. How long? At least until LCYSA has its own indoor facility at the Warrenton Soccer Complex.

Volunteering is fulfilling; it is satisfying. The time and energy I donate bring me immense joy and a wonderful sense of accomplishment. There is a person who helped on all three LCYSA fields and always refused any compensation by saying: "It's for the kids, right?" Right! It's pretty good for me too.

Thanks again to you all.