In D. Boisvert’s letter published Sept. 16 (“Inconsiderate riders,” The Daily Astorian), she is correct in stating the trails at Delaura Beach, on property owned and managed by the Oregon Parks Department, are multiuse. These trails are intended for use by pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians.

In fact, for several years, the North Coast Chapter of Oregon Equestrian Trails has maintained trails at Delaura Beach, Fort Stevens and Northrup Creek Campground in Jewell for all to enjoy. Our nonprofit group has spent hundreds of hours cutting Scotch broom, removing fallen trees from trails and paying for signage. We have mapped the trails at Delaura Beach and that work appears on the new tsunami maps published by the state of Oregon.

Each September we host a fundraising ride to raise money for our trail maintenance activities. Participants come from as far away as Seattle and Eastern Oregon and return year after year. OET members pride themselves on being good stewards of our public and private lands and have worked closely with Oregon Parks and Recreation and Oregon Department of Forestry on many projects. These projects create recreational opportunities for all, not just equestrians.

We gladly share the trails so that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the North Coast and Oregon. Unfortunately, Boisvert does not feel the same way. It is no secret that our horses occasionally leave behind a reminder of their presence. On the day of our fundraising ride we patrolled Delaura Beach Lane as to be sure to leave no trace on the county roadway. However, the public lands that are Fort Stevens and the beach are for all to enjoy, whether on two wheels, two feet or four hooves.


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