Some similarities may exist between the history of Cannon Beach as seen by the Cannon Beach Historical Society and the actual historical record ( "Donors help hammer home history," The Daily Astorian, Jan. 12). I was thoroughly confused, however, by statements attributed to John Williams.

"To know something about what has been that's gone into the making of the community today" is important, Williams said, adding, "Hopefully, we increase knowledge and awareness and dispel ignorance." He went on to say knowledge of past mistakes helps people avoid those mistakes. "The short-term rental, I think, is a perfect example."

Whether or not one agrees that the short-term rental is a past mistake, short-term memory is all one needs to dispel the ignorance. Short-term rentals in their present configuration are a relatively recent circumstance, homespun history notwithstanding. When one is engaged in building wealth through real estate, rooms by the night always bring more swag than rooms by the month. The function of a historical society is to provide evidence for the facts of history, not to act as an agent of the Oregon Lodging Association.

Gary Durheim



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