The Crab and Seafood Festival is coming up, which basically kicks off our tourist season. People will be visiting and taking walks around town, only to find the sidewalks have more potholes than our roads. I believe my neighborhood, the "Fort Hill" area, to be one of the worst.

It amazes me that the owners of these lovely homes, with well-cared-for grounds, would allow their sidewalks to deteriorate to such a degree. I spoke to one of these homeowners recently about the condition of the sidewalks. He was genuinely surprised to hear he is responsible for the sidewalks bordering his property.

Maybe a story should be done, with photography, highlighting some of these "accidents waiting to happen." Maybe someone from the city should take some walking tours and leave notices for the owners to repair or replace these obstacle courses. I would hate to see someone injured when it can so easily be avoided.




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