The heel-dragging and time-wasting by the Astoria City Council, mayor and city attorney on the issue of moving driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII) cases from the lax Astoria Municipal Court to the Circuit Court is inexplicable, and a shame ("Kroger backs Marquis on DUIIs," The Daily Astorian, July 28). Do the city council, mayor and city attorney have a hidden agenda regarding DUII cases?

It is well known that Mayor Willis Van Dusen is a serial drunk driver; and at the House Judiciary Committee Public Hearing on HB 3025, Councilor Peter Roscoe admitted that he is a recovering alcoholic. For Van Dusen and Roscoe to vigorously fight to keep DUII cases in the Municipal Court, which is not a court of record, and is effectively controlled by the city council, is an outrage.

In the spirit of full disclosure, City Councilors Russ Warr, Karen Mellin and Arline LaMear and City Attorney Blair Henninsgaard, who are fighting so hard to perpetuate the travesty of DUII cases being heard in Astoria's Municipal Court, should disclose their, and their family members', DUII arrests and convictions.