I have to agree with the author of "Small town, big crime" (The Daily Astorian, April 22). I grew up in Cannon Beach for most of my life. In fact my father was one of the fine officers who worked for the local police department until he retired in 1997.

In all of the years I lived in Cannon Beach, I felt safe walking on the beach alone at night, or leaving my purse in the shopping cart at Osburn's Grocery to grab something from another aisle without fear of it being stolen.

Yes, we had some crime, but what city doesn't? Most of it was petty crimes such as minor in possession or theft of gasoline from a random car in the Surfsand Resort parking lot. But we did have our odd "big crime" as well.

I am returning to the area this summer with my son, and I am so glad to see that even with the recent bank robbery, Cannon Beach will still be the same welcoming place we left so many years ago. Way to go, Cannon Beach citizens, for keeping a small town feeling alive.


Sykeston, N.D.


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