In reference Mike Duncan's letter on Nov. 14 ("Why mention father?" The Daily Astorian), it might be heard to believe that The Daily Astorian may have been trying to stir up some support for this local man, who came from a family known for serving the community. He went to school with the mayor and a lot of us folk who never left the area. He also served in the military.

In a small-town way, The Daily Astorian may have been trying to get something rolling to see that he gets the assistance he needs, and that he is not just dumped back out on the street.

I was just a classmate. A few of the now middle-aged lawyers around town were, too, so maybe sometimes they might just be trying to help rather than hurt. Sometimes good things happen from people adding a bit more information than we need, putting a face to the name, and also pointing out that he was a member of our community.

His family name has not been tarnished, as mental issues do not imply a bad upbringing or bad blood line. Nor do I recall him falling into a less than respectable category in school. It only maybe makes the point of "it happens," and could happen to anyone.

Now maybe it is more important to say "is there anything we can do to help?"

Robin Wyrwitzke



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