I'm so glad to see the tsunami response is receiving attention ("This is not a drill," The Daily Astorian, June 20).

We listen to a scanner at home and were aware of the tsunami warning as soon as the "official" agencies were. Once we verified it (by looking it up online, not calling, which can create its own set of problems) we packed what little we truly need into the vehicle, notified our neighbors and friends and left. That was around 8:39 p.m. By the time Warrenton was considering airing its siren, we were in Knappa, safe from any potential tsunami.

We don't have our plan perfected yet (some backpacks pre-packed would be ideal, as tsunamis can strike any time) but we feel it went very smoothly.

What baffles me? People who wanted to wait for something "official" and those who wanted to go watch. Crazy!

Not for us. Way better safe and minor inconvenienced than sorry, as we all saw last December.

Christine Kabush, Warrenton


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