United Way of Clatsop County is in the middle of their 52nd fund raising campaign. Today, there are many "grassroots" local issues competing for our community's attention. United Way and the 14 agencies they support are 100 percent grassroots, all local in Clatsop County.

All of our tax deductible contributions to United Way go directly to the agencies, such as the county food bank and shelters, the American Red Cross and the Women's Resource Center. This is made possible because all campaign and administrative expenses are taken care of by generous donations by local businesses and corporations.

We have all heard about the food bank having to turn some of our neighbors away because of lower donations and greater need due to the length and severity of this recession and true economic strain. There are, as well, other United Way-supported agencies that deal with domestic violence, employment, training, counseling and youth support and advocacy.

United Way can and does help. Will you please help United Way during this season of real need?