I would like to weigh in on ballot Measure 4-123. Within the last year I, too, have had my moments with the county commissioners. While attending one of the meetings, we overheard Josh Marquis and the commissioners hollering at each other about what Marquis was to bring to the meeting.

He stated that he had already given a report to the commission, but the commission returned the report and asked for something more compiled that the commission could read. Marquis argued that he was unable to make meetings with the necessary people so that he could accumulate the information the commissioners requested. These reports would enable the commission to justify the funding request from Marquis.

Reading about this in The Daily Astorian, it appeared to me that the district attorney's office wants a free hand as well as an open pocket book ("Marquis charges county with 'ambush,'" June 12). It seems that the district attorney's office did not want to align themselves with existing protocol. As with any governmental agency, if you are asked for a report that justifies your position in the office so that next year's funding will cover your need in that position, you do it.

If the report is not sufficient with the necessary information, you ask for an extension and get that information. Remember, the commissioners also have to justify to us, the voters, where tax dollars are going. When Marquis took this position, he was well aware of the fact that he had to answer to the commission when requesting funds, and that the stipend also came from the commission.

Stipend sir, is not a given. It's your bonus. It would seem that it is your responsibility to show the commissioners and community that you serve that you deserve this stipend. Someone needs to overlook the district attorney's office, and it seems it's the county commissioners' duty to do just that.

I think it's a shame that Marquis is airing his laundry and using our electoral process to do it. There are so many other much more important things facing our community today. I would rather be able to vote on liquefied natural gas than waste my time dealing with the district attorney's office inability to conform to protocol, and manage his office in such a way that would show how efficient a leader he is.

I think it is sad that this district attorney thinks he deserves the same salary benefits as a judge. If he wants judge's pay, then he should become a judge.

If I were on the commission, I would request funding for a good office manager - someone who could compile reports and make the district attorney's office shine.

Clean up your act, Mr. District Attorney. Do the paperwork. Justify your need for more staff and show what you did to deserve your stipend this year, and I'm sure the commission will respond appropriately.

I'm voting "No" on Measure 4-123.

Pat Tierney



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