While I sympathize with Joyce Johnson (“Invest in education,” The Daily Astorian, May 4), I can’t believe that all the world’s ills can be blamed on the Republicans.

Energy is a problem. The only feasible way to scrape together enough energy to meet the world’s needs for the next few years, or months, is fossil fuels. Cutting down all the trees on the Coast Range, chipping them and burning them to make energy is not, in my opinion, a good solution. Nor is running nuclear plants beyond their life expectancy and maximum operating limits, as we are doing at present.

Fortunately, these disasters and those mentioned by Johnson are having little, if any effect, to date, on the lifestyles of Republicans or, apparently, Democrats.

I would not like to disparage any of the possible green solutions to our energy shortfall – many could have a place – but we are trying to find energy in a hurry, and accidents happen when people are in a hurry.

There are books written on the problems facing wind or any other one of the proposed energy solutions. Now, at the 11th hour, might be the time to look at the bigger picture.

Basically, the problem is 6 billion people trying to live on renewable resources that can only support a few hundred thousand at modern European/U.S. living standards. Some few, like Pol Pot and the Chinese aristocracy, have attacked the problem from another angle. A middle ground is living on a much reduced energy diet, if you can imagine that.




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