This article points out some excellent holes in what has become a very murky issue for Oregonians ("Inconvenient questions are urgent," The Daily Astorian, March 9).

But I must submit that I have learned one very important lesson through being a participant in the liquefied natural gas Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and state regulatory processes: Oregon's leaders point to FERC as the regulatory leader that must decide if such proposals are necessary and prudent, and then FERC volleys with the same response in reverse, that it is the state's responsibility to decide if an LNG terminal and pipeline is in their best interest.

All the while this intentional or unintentional confusion in leadership plays out, the projects all go forward, wasting Oregon's precious money. Wasting, in fact, so much of our money that no job and no benefit from LNG, another foreign fossil fuel, will probably ever even the score.

The score will read, Oregon zero, LNG profiteers take all.


Myrtle Creek