As the 2012 Primary Election day draws near, I reflect on the reasons I decided to ask Clatsop County voters for their vote for sheriff. It all comes down to commitment to the safety of the citizens who live here.

Since 1996, I have dedicated my professional life to serve and protect, and am humbly grateful for the opportunity.

During this campaign, I?have announced proposed changes to the way your Sheriff’s Office goes about its business. These proposed changes are sweeping and controversial. They are cost-cutting, while at the same time, expanding service levels. These changes, including the reduction of the sheriff’s salary and combining divisions under fewer command level supervisors, will actually save tax dollars. Just by modifying operational procedures, service to our citizen customers will be brought to a higher level not before experienced.

There are several pages of in depth plans and positions I support on my website, www.nelsonsheriff

My thanks go out to the many who have provided input and suggestions throughout the campaign so far. Being open to such input is a key component of my leadership plan for your Sheriff’s Office. By embracing your input on all facets of operations, we can develop an efficient citizen-driven agency. An agency responsive to the public it serves. One we all will be proud of.

Also, my thanks to the organizers of the forums that were held during this primary campaign, and the local media for getting our message out loud and clear.

This leap of faith I have taken was actually an easy decision. Who wouldn’t want to lead such an organization? One that provides public safety services in a positive, professional and publicly supported manner. I prefer to remain focused on the positive future rather than dwell on possible negative consequences.

So, in a sentence, you are the primary reason I have chose to ask for your vote to become your Clatsop County sheriff.


Candidate for Clatsop County sheriff



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