Has anyone in the fair city of Astoria noticed a very foul odor originating from City Hall recently. This is a good example of the "Gold ol' Boys" type of city government that we citizens of Astoria find ourselves with.

Mayor Willis Van Dusen made a statement at the previous City Council meeting that we shouldn't "point any fingers" at personalities in this fair city. I strongly believe that the time has come to not only point fingers at those responsible but to send them to pasture and get a new group of people before this city goes broke!

We can't afford the expensive mistakes that the city manager, public works director and the engineering department have made.

I have worked in construction most of my adult life and I know that it is common knowledge that there are certain requirements, such as permits and inspections, that must be followed to construct any structure.

To blame an employee of the public works department for what has transpired with the pump station, for example, is ludicrous. Public Works Director Mitch Mitchum's statement that he was aware of the setback problem as early as April and nothing was done about it is totally irresponsible.

According to The Daily Astorian article, "Really ugly - and built in the wrong place" (Aug. 2), City Manager Dan Bartlett made a statement that an internal investigation will commence. I sincerely hope that the carpets are large enough to hold all that will be swept underneath.

It sounds too much like the story of the fox guarding the hen house.