Good for the doctors in Ilwaco, Wash., concerning the Death with Dignity Law. I don't believe that is an appropriate choice of words. It's not dignified. There's nothing dignified about ending your life that way.

I'm healthy and have only had great pain when my hip went out two times - much more pain than childbirth without medication. I have, however, been by the side of my husband, daughter and brothers, all of whom were terminal with cancer and died. I took care of my husband, along with over-seeing by a doctor, and once in a while, a caregiver. The pain was controlled by medications, upped according to the need.

His desire was to be home, and we could have music in the room and the love of his family. And, we had several canaries and two button quail in cages attached to the ceiling in his room. The canaries sang with his favorite music. He enjoyed this.

Oddly enough, when my husband died before I needed hospice, as I could care for him, the birds also died. It could have been that I had my son take that room, and I moved to another room, and it was quieter, without music.

I also spent a lot of time with my daughter, nights, in her son's home, with friends and family visiting and singing. Hospice came every day. They were very compassionate people who managed all and helped the family. The pain was managed, but she could enjoy her family.

I think, and I have heard and observed at a hospital where my husband was for a time (and my brother), that people tried to talk to my sister-in-law, saying that they would take care of the problem (meaning, without a doubt, causing my brother to die). I saw this same person bully another man in a wheelchair, and reported him.

Hospice will help your family member to die in a happier environment.

I'm so proud of my doctor at Ilwaco who takes the right stand.

Eileen Hawkins

Naselle, Wash.