If the situation weren't so serious, I'd have to laugh out loud at Ann Samuelson's claim that she works to protect the fishing jobs that are here in Clatsop County now ("Health of community is on my mind," The Daily Astorian, Oct. 15). What does it take for her to understand that an liquefied natural gas facility on the Columbia River poses the largest possible threat there is to those who earn their livelihood here from fishing?

How did she miss the point in the hours of public testimony about how the river would be closed to the comings and goings of fishermen (and anyone else on the river), because of the mandatory exclusion-zone around the LNG super-tankers?

What does she not understand about how the maintenance dredging required for the tankers' turn-around will cause destruction of fish habitat, and how the dredging will release heavy toxins resting on the river floor and render what is taken out of the river unappealing to consumers?

Oh, and by the way, emergency preparedness does not mean helping out after the fact. This is not a commissioner-specific act of heroism. I don't know a single person who did not pitch in and help other folks in some way after the storm.

Samuelson's piece was just rhetoric without any substantiation of her claims.