It has become so obvious to anyone having to pay taxes that there is something terribly wrong with our system. It shouldn't be this hard.

With over 60,000 pages in our current tax code that are nearly impossible to understand, and more pages being added all the time, it is time for a change. It's estimated that it costs taxpayers $225 billion a year for tax filing, tax record keeping and tax reduction advice. That's the equivalent of about $850 for every man, woman and child in the country. Payroll taxes are taken out of our paychecks and we have no control or choice over when we pay or how much we pay in taxes. They are deducted from our paychecks before we can save or spend it.

I could go on and on about the pitfalls and negative things with our current tax system, but why waste the space.

Have you heard about the Fairtax? How about the Fairtax Book? How about Americans for Fair Taxation?

There is a grass roots movement going on in our country right now and it's gaining momentum. Here are just a few things that the Fairtax would accomplish: Abolish the IRS, personal income taxes gone, no more 22-percent imbedded tax, no business or corporate taxes, no more death tax, no more gift tax, and totally untax the poor.

If this interests you, simply go to and check it out, sign up, buy the book, read the book and get involved. It's your money.


Community Coordinator

Americans for Fair Taxation