Although we are more than three years away from the 2016 U.S. presidential election, this week provides a great opportunity to begin the discussion in Oregon of a Rand Paul presidency. Why this week? Because the U.S. Congress will be voting whether or not to bomb Syria, a vote that would not be taking place if Ron Paul – or his son, Rand Paul – was the current occupant of the White House.

What other things would be different today if the Paul dynasty was in place on Pennsylvania Avenue? There would be serious reform within the National Security Administration. We would be out of Afghanistan and Iraq for real. Bradley Manning would be pardoned. Julian Assange wouldn’t have to hide in the Ecuadorian embassy. Marijuana would be legal. Trillion dollar bank bailouts would not be considered.

So as our members in Congress debate bombing Syria, while it still isn’t clear if it was the Israelis, Saudis or Assad, himself, who used the chemical weapons in that chaotic war zone, the people of Oregon would be well served to realize that the U.S. wouldn’t be considering a strike if the Paul dynasty was in place.

It’s high time we finally come to the understanding that the main stream Democrats and Republicans at the federal level consistently bring us more war, an erosion of civil liberties and the ongoing shift of money from the working poor to the wealthy. I hope we remember the current Syria situation in three years, and cast our votes for Rand Paul.

I am a writer and filmmaker living in Tillamook County. My latest film, Targeting Iran, will be airing on Free Speech TV throughout September.


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