In the early 1920s mayor E.N. Hurd proposed a seawall and sidewalk be built along the beach. There was a lot of opposition to his idea, but he and many members of the community persisted, and today can anyone imagine what Seaside would be like without the Prom?

In the late 1970s, the idea of renovating Broadway was proposed. The Trails End Urban Renewal District was formed. Again there was a lot of opposition. We were in a recession, it cost too much money, other taxing districts would be adversely affected. With the support of many business owners and nonbusiness owners, the City Council persisted, and who could imagine Seaside without Broadway?

In those days we didn’t know about earthquakes, tsunami hazards and inundation zones. We didn’t know about school shootings. Gas and electricity was cheap. Today we are facing new problems, but we also have a window of opportunity to fund a new combined campus that will address these issues.

A new school will serve as an efficient and safe place to meet and learn but also a tsunami evacuation center. When the earthquake and tsunami hit, can you imagine Seaside without such a facility?

Douglas and Cheryle Barker



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