I would like a gardening group at school. The reasons I would like a gardening groups because you get fresh air, you get to learn how to garden, and if we’re good enough we might get to go to a real gardening place.

First, you get fresh air. It is really important to get fresh air every day. Getting fresh air is really important for your body every day. By getting fresh air it will help you stay alive.

Second you can learn how to garden. Learning how to garden is important. In gardening you always want a fresh bag of potting soil and a pot. Now go and get a flower. Now put it in your pot and water it every once in awhile.

Finally you might get to go to a professional gardening place. By going to a professional gardening place you might get to learn more. If you go to a professional garden center you might get to know how to garden fruits and veggies.

To conclude, I would like to add a gardening center in our school. You would get fresh air, you would learn how to do it, and you might get to go to a professional gardening center.

Dalton Smith



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