Recently, I was privileged to observe Mike Calog’s “No Nonsense Self Defense” (PER031010) class offered at Clatsop Community College. In my opinion, it was the perfect defense course to be offered at a community college.

The atmosphere and attitude among the students was relaxed, but attentive. Although there had been three prior class meetings, there was still a fine review of previous lessons of soft falling/rolling techniques from a standing position.

Warm-up and conditioning exercises were clearly demonstrated and monitored, some pulmonary exercises were exhibited and recited. From the beginning through the middle of the class (when I left) examples were exhibited, explained, then practiced on how being tensed or relaxed affect moving, falling, striking and evading.

I am certain there was much more to the class, but from what I observed, this was a most pragmatic class for a community college population, and I commend Calog and CCC for offering that course.

Dane Jaconetti



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