To the fine community of Seaside, Ore., thank you for your gracious, fun and tasty hospitality at the recent fourth annual Pouring At The Coast festival. What a treat and honor it was to participate in and lend some more educational value to an already well-developed and well-run fest.

As a research, education and marketing company that travels across this country of ours to educate, entertain, teach, enlighten and service the greater beer community, we can confidently state Pouring At The Coast is one we wholeheartedly recommend and hope to participate in again for many years to come.

A few reasons why:

1. Doug Barker ( at the Seaside Chamber of Commerce) and his entire team were welcoming, friendly, gracious and hardworking. Everyone we encountered was pleasant, helpful and hospitable. They all knew what was going on, which is, sadly, not always the case.

2. The Seaside Civic and Convention Center is a superb venue to hold it: roomy, secure, comfortable and accessible. Oh – did I mention clean yet?! Yes, what a joy to work in a well-kept facility.

3. The guests, while beyond the control of the festival organizers, were having a great time, well-behaved and fun to talk with.

4. The length of the fest is a Goldilocks – juuuuust right! So many fests think longer is better: not so! The 4-to-9 p.m.-run was a perfect length, and the tear-down crew was on it like a hill of hardworking ants to get it all wrapped up. Equally impressive.

So our sincere thanks! Looking forward to returning to this fine community soon – although I can’t say I want to wait for the fest to visit again. Suffice it to say you’ve got big fans in Women Enjoying Beer. Cheers and very best regards.

Ginger Johnson, founder

Emily Engdahl, event director

Women Enjoying Beer

Ashland, Ore.