Clatsop County enjoys a diverse economy that includes forest products, seafood harvest and processing, and tourism. The medical services sector is growing. The area is becoming a hub for historic restoration. And the rapidly expanding craft brew industry has set up shop.

The Clatsop County government has never been more business-friendly. Through support of Clatsop Economic Development Resources, we have retained existing businesses and helped others to grow. The North Coast Business Park, owned by the county, is being developed to make it easy for light manufacturing to move in and create jobs. An industrial Enterprise Zone is under consideration.

We are fortunate to have three individuals seeking seats on the Clatsop County Board of Commissioners who will stay the course for responsible development: Scott Lee, Lianne Thompson and Lisa Tarabochia Clement.

Commissioner Scott Lee has proved his value to District 1, rolling up his sleeves to respond to the federal dike recertification policies, and to work with our congressional delegation to ensure adoption of legislation to provide relief from increasing flood insurance rates. He has defended our fishing industry and advocated for sensible forest management. He is also a champion for education and workforce development.

District 5 voters have the extraordinary opportunity to elect Lianne Thompson. Thompson is smart, experienced and pragmatic – and she’s not shy about thinking outside the box to solve problems. Thompson understands what it will take to represent her diverse constituents. From advocating for the rural water and fire districts to ensuring that we are prepared for emergencies, Thompson has the ability to get the job done.

Lisa Tarabochia Clement is not only the proprietor, with her husband, of one of Astoria’s premier restaurants, she is also one of our leading citizens. She has the heart and perspective that can only be earned through deep roots in our communities. As I complete my four years in office, I can be confident that I leave District 3 in good hands.

Members of the Northwest Tea Party ( are supporting a slate of candidates to oppose Lee, Thompson and Clement. But I am confident that even the most conservative voters will vote with an independent spirit for the candidates who will most effectively serve their districts.

Peter Huhtala

Clatsop County Commissioner



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