The Cover Oregon website is still an ongoing project, and as a Cover Oregon health insurance agent, I am concerned about the decisions our leaders have made during the last three years.

During these past years the focus has been on a health insurance website that was going to impress the rest of the nation, not on providing Oregonians with health insurance. When the website was not functioning properly, and Oregonians were not able to enroll in health insurance, the focus continued to be on the website.

Oregonians were being asked to wait to enroll in health insurance until the website was functional. For some, this meant a one to two month waiting period with no health insurance.

Oregon was the only state that did not have a functioning health insurance website. If we continue on this downhill spiral, we could possibly be 50th when it comes to the quality of our healthcare. If we continue to allow our leaders to focus on this failed system, Oregon could be headed towards a failed health care system.

Oregon leaders need to be reminded that the focus of the Affordable Care Act was to make sure everyone had access to affordable health care. Their focus has to move to the people’s needs and away from the system’s needs.

Linda Dugan



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