Tourism is encouraged in this area, and they want people to move here, but who’s going to buy a house here with those enormous liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanks sitting on the Skipanon Peninsula, destroying their beautiful view?

This is why people and business owners come to live here – because of the beauty of the area. Why ruin it? Do you really think tourists or cruise ships will flock here to enjoy a view of LNG tanks?

Also, who wants to get blown up? Those tanks are a terrorist target, not to mention, there could be an LNG “incident,” and anyone in the blast zone will overdone toast.

And what will happen when the Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake and tidal wave happen? Do you really want LNG tanks around during that? Won’t we already be in enough trouble, without worrying about getting vaporized?

Some seem to think LNG will provide jobs. For whom? Not locals, that’s for sure. They will very likely bring in their own people.

Keep LNG out of here and keep the beauty intact so everyone, including tourists, can enjoy it. Vote for commissioners Lisa Tarabochia Clement, Scott Lee and Lianne Thompson.

Bruce Leggett



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