Whoa, wait a minute, there, let's tone it down a bit. I mean, it can't be that bad, for goodness sakes ("Milkshakes are your best bet at Gearhart Junction Café," Coast Weekend, March 18). And what about the people? I refer to them as people, not just employees, and they have the right to be included. I'm sure they must have been friendly and courteous, and for me, that is part of the whole experience.

Someone once said to me a smiling face makes the food taste better. What I mean is, maybe the food wasn't quite as good as The Mouth expected, but a smiling face can really help hide an attitude, and you know that the next time you dine there, you might try something else or make a suggestion. The world today just doesn't show enough compassion.

I know that when I decide to dine out, whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner, I already have a good idea what type of food is probably going to be on the menu. So why complain about an unhealthy menu when you just pulled up to a drive-up window? So let's face it, you're just not going to find much of anything healthy, but chances are you probably enjoyed your meal for the most part, because it was your choice of restaurants.

It just doesn't sit easy with me how someone can downgrade a restaurant that doesn't serve the type of food he thinks should be on the menu. Fast food is fast food, seafood is seafood and exquisite dining is exquisite dining. How hard can it be?

I now plan to go to each and every restaurant that The Mouth critiques, and, unlike most of his reviews, I plan to write a review about the positive experience that I had. I stand behind our local business owners and believe that your community, and mine as well, needs all the support we can give. Remember, they provide jobs and first starts for our children. Either way you look at it, your community needs them.

I also need people to know that what I say doesn't mean that every restaurant is perfect, because there are plenty out there that are not. And you can usually figure this out on your own.

In the future, I will comment on some really great items on the menu at places I eat, and suggest them. So try some of them. I'm sure you will like them as well.

I guess I should mention I attended the Western Culinary Institute in Portland in 1990. I know good food, and I know we all have a choice in what we eat. So get out there and enjoy dining out. I hope you have a great experience. Tip well, and God bless.


Long Beach, Wash.


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