I attended the latest liquefied natural gas-or-not hearing on April 16. Peter Livingston, the contract hearings officer, did a fine, fair and even-handed job of overseeing the presentations and testimonies. Some of the comments I made then are summarized here.

I have been involved in the decision process regarding LNG-or-not for more than five years now. Many questions have occurred to me as we move along in this process.

Is the outcome of this process intended to be logical, or is it merely legal?

Is it morally right, or is it only justice?

How many times must we decide? How long can the appeals go on?

Is small big, or is big small?

If dredging permits are not procured, can dredging proceed anyway?

Mitigation: does it mitigate, or obfuscate? There has never been a mitigation which increases natural diversity. It is always been found, if a comparison was made, that before mitigation there was more biodiversity. We cannot improve on Mother Nature, only improvise to play catch up after we have torn the web of life.

If shoreline monitoring occurs, and problems are found, will the project stop until remedies are found? Or will there just be another incidental and trivial fine levied and the billionaires go ahead with their Texas-based mayhem?

Currently, it takes a really big accident or a severe storm to stop traffic on the bridge. Will this still be true in the future? Or, would there be more and more stoppages of traffic, as the projected tanker traffic increases? Will I, and all the others whose lives are interrupted, be compensated for time and wages lost?

What will limit this project if promises made are broken? This has already happened countless times in the process so far, so why would this change if the purveyors are allowed to go forward? Deadlines not met, information not provided, regulations ignored, just another day - when will it stop?

Who will clean up the rubble when this project, if it were ever built, is finally deserted? Who will pay for this cleanup? The original builders? I don't think so.

How many ways can you spell destruction?


Naselle, Wash.

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