I have serious concerns regarding the actions of the Port Commissioners on the Calpine LNG facility. I do not want an LNG facility on the the Columbia river or in the vicinity of where I live.

These are my concerns with regard to the commissioners' actions. First, the Port Commissioners made a huge error in judgement when they worked in secret with Calpine before hearing from the public. Second, the port director and the commissioners did not thoroughly research the pros and cons of an LNG facility. Third, it appears that even if they had done their LNG homework, the commissioners would have made the same decision: LNG is a good thing because it will provide some jobs.

Nevermind the blight, the harm to the environment, the threat to our tourism and fishing industries, and most importantly, the safety of the people who live here. For me, the incumbents do not deserve re-election. I want a change of commissioners at the Port. I will cast my vote for Peter Huhtala, Rose Priven and Tom Brownson.

Linda Oldenkamp