It's amazing there are so many moral writers who don't seem to realize that overpopulation is the world's No. 1 problem. As of now, the poor old world barely supports 6.3 (also said to be 6.6) billion people. Some say the number will rise to 7 billion by 2030 and close to 10 billion by 2050.

CNN's stringer tells us homeless children are found alone weekly on the streets of Chicago. And, according to the Associated Press, the United Nations food and agriculture organization's general director has revealed the number of hungry people in the world could soon hit a record one billion.

This means almost one sixth of the world's population will be hungry by the end of this year. Considering a large number of them will be in Africa, and especially in Mexico and South America, where a great many are Catholic, what do you suppose the Pope can do about that, if anything?

Also largely Catholic, but through education, Mexico City has diminished its family number of children from seven to two in the last few years. However, the rest of Mexico, also seriously overcrowded and poverty- stricken, is slow to catch up.

Which is understandable, if you consider that a small town of 200 legally married couples put their minds to heeding the adage "go forth and multiply," each couple would produce a child every 10 months. One couple alone could produce 12 children in 10 years. Say the woman was worn out and died, the man took another wife, and in 10 years they produced another 12 children. That's two dozen children.

And, by that time, the first of those procreated (or perhaps even three or four years earlier) could marry and begin to reproduce. At that rate, a small town of 200 couples, plus the necessary extra 100 second wives, could reproduce exponentially to become a mathematician's nightmare in less than a century. And Mexico has had several centuries of a similar type of reproduction encouraged.

Let's be grateful for the spay and neuter programs for animals by such organizations as Alley Cat Allies, and for humans, Trojan and other similar companies. We really don't kneed X batches of kittens every 60 days, and the weary world cannot produce natural resources (never mind gas and oil - think water) for the six plus billion humans already born. It certainly won't be able to sustain seven billion by 2030, let alone 10 billion by 2050.

So the morally righteous, if they won't use anything else, should at least use common sense.

Pat Guerin



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